The ABI map comes to you from OCSI and Renaisi

Find Your Initiative is developed by OCSI and Renaisi. We were inspired to map recent and current area based funding initiatives to assist residents, partners and practitioners in understanding what is going on in local areas and to make links with neighbouring programmes (past and present).

As a starting point we have shown boundaries for Big Local, Community First and New Deal for Communities programmes and our plan is to develop the site to incorporate new initiatives as they are announced.

Get involved. Wed be pleased to put your initiative on the map and to receive your feedback and thoughts. Please contact us on


OCSI develop and interpret the evidence base to help the public sector and other organisations deliver better services. We are committed to improving social and economic outcomes by providing high quality rigorous research, analysis and data that meets the needs of our users. Since launching in 2003, we have worked with more than 100 public and charity/ voluntary sector agencies at local, regional and national level to improve policy-making and service delivery.

A "spin-out" consultancy from the University of Oxford, our team combines excellent research, data and technical skills, together with detailed knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by public sector organisations.

Renaisi -

Renaisi is a leading social enterprise specialising in the delivery of neighbourhood services, community-led regeneration and employment and local economic growth programmes.

The cornerstone of Renaisi's work has been designing and delivering neighbourhood regeneration programmes aimed at improving the lives and prospects of all those in living in disadvantaged areas. This has involved working closely with local communities; assembling and supporting local partnerships; designing, delivering and evaluating regeneration projects and programmes aimed at improving the social, economic and environmental characteristics of the neighbourhood and; undertaking related research and analysis.

It is this experience and our understanding of the complex and dynamic relationship that exists between places and people and the interventions that are required to successfully regenerate communities that has led to us being commissioned to develop and deliver 18 multi-million pound neighbourhood schemes across London and the South East.